Sell in 4 Easy Steps

Want to get rid of your old gadget and get paid for it?

Free Shipping

Instacell provides free shipping of the device you buy or sell. Unlike most competitors, we guarantee that there are no shipping fees. Enjoy a hassle-free service and save money.

Quick Payment

We guarantee a payment process that is highly efficient and light as a breeze. You’ll get your payment within 1 business day via PayPal, and get email updates every step of the way.

Honest Pricing

Instacell provides fair and honest pricing via top offers you cannot refuse. Send in the described device in the quoted condition, and the price you see is what you will get paid in the end.

No risk of hidden fees

Instacell guarantees a straightforward pricing and payment process where no fine-print additional costs will knock on your door. Once the deal is sealed, you will get what you were promised.

Customer Reviews

My girlfriend dropped her phone in a puddle and needed a new one. Instacell gave us more than a decent offer for her phone, and an offer for another device we decided to buy. The whole experience was smooth, easy and very professional. We were so happy that we told our friends!
Bradley Sburlea

My kid’s classmates got phones this year, and being a single mom I decided to get him a used one. Instacell performed amazingly! They gave me the best offer ever and saved me from overspending. My son’s ecstatic and I am glad he’s happy. A huge high-five to the guys in customer service for guiding me on the way!
Dennis Balcerzak

The whole process of selling my tablet went better than I expected. I got an amazing offer, shipped them my device and got paid fast. It was all very professional and I was never doubting anything! I would recommend Instacell to anyone and everyone looking to sell/buy used devices.
Shannon Mendes