How do I find the model of my phone ?

Just go to Menu -> Select Sell or Buy a gadget -> Scroll down for device options and choose the type of device you are looking for -> Once you enter the specific menu, scroll down for models -> Click on the model to get more details on the device.

How do I search for device memory or capacity ?

If you are interested in the memory or the capacity of a certain device, just search for the specific device, click on the product to enter and go through the device specifications. You can use the same method for both Android and iOS products.

Does Instacell accept devices operating only with a certain wireless carrier ?

Instacell accepts almost all devices that operate with the national wireless networks in Washington, such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint. You can find all acceptable service providers on our website. We do not accept devices operating on other service providers other than the listed ones.

Is my personal data safe with Instacell ?

Absolutely yes! We only use your data for the purpose of communicating with you in the process of buying and/or selling devices and we do not share it with other parties.

How do I get in touch with Instacell ?

You can use the Contact Us option in the footer of our website, or fill in a contact form found in the menu for buy/sell a device, in the case when you couldn’t find the desired model on our website.


How do I choose a condition for my device ?

When you are selling your device to Instacell, it is important to be as honest as possible about its condition. This initial device condition description guarantees a timely payment for you later. Hence, it is very important to provide as precise description as possible and attach a photo of the device as well.

How many devices can I sell in a single order ?

You can only sell one device per order. Please send us only the described and approved device in the order. If you send more than one device in your shipment, we will be making a payment only for the initial device and recycle all the rest.

Can I sell a broken or screen-cracked device to Instacell ?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to put this properly in the device description when you’ll be submitting the order. Non-matching description may delay the payment later on.

Can I send Instacell a device that’s not listed in the menu ?

No, you cannot do this. If your device is not in the menu, please contact us via the form at the end of the Sell Your Device page and we will get in touch with you.

Do you buy stolen or lost devices ?

If we understand that the device was lost or stolen or that you are not the owner, selling us such a device is against Instacell’s Terms and Conditions. This will result in us sending the device back to you.


Is there a shipping fee ?

There is no shipping fee. Shipping is free and this includes all return shipments as well.

Will Instacell inform me when receiving my device ?

Our teams will be in constant touch with you. Once we receive your order, you’ll get an email confirmation. You’ll be getting similar email confirmations for every other step in the process as well.

What should I do with my SD or SIM Card ?

You must remove the SD and/or SIM Card from your device before sending it to us. If we receive your device with the SD or SIM Card inside, we won’t be able to send it back to you due to security reasons.


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