1. Choose your Device

Just find the device you are looking to sell in our menu and select it. You will also need to provide a few additional details and tell us about the condition of the device.

2. Get instant offer

Our representatives will get in touch with you and send you a fair offer as soon as you submit your details. We guarantee an easy and bargain-free process, up until the very end.

3. Send us your device

Once you receive and approve of our offer, just send us your device in the initially promised condition. The shipping is 100% free of charge and we’ll alert you when we receive the item.

4. Get your Money

After we receive your device, our team will check it out and confirm its condition. If the device is as initially described, we’ll release your payment via PayPal in the next few days.

1. Choose your Device

Simply go to our devices menu and select the one you’d like to buy. All of the displayed devices are inspected for their quality, and we guarantee that they are in a like-new condition.

2. Pay via Paypal

After you select the desired device, you can complete your order by making a PayPal payment. Once you submit the payment, you will receive an instant confirmation via email.

3. Receive your device

Our representatives will alert you the minute your device is dispatched for shipping. Once you get an email that your shipment is on its way, expect the package in the next few days.